11 Weeks Pregnant
Pregnancy Week 11 & Stage of Fetal Development

This is the beginning of pregnancy week 11. You will be a complete 11 weeks pregnant at the end of this week (see pregnancy chart).

The embryonic stage of development is complete, and the fetal stage is beginning. Your baby is now termed a fetus.

The fetal stage begins at the beginning of the 11th week of pregnancy when all organs are present. Although, many organs still need more growth and development to become functional.

You're right in the middle of the third month of pregnancy.

What happens at 11 weeks pregnant

During pregnancy week 11, progesterone and estrogen are still on the rise. HCG is on the decline. The placenta has been growing rapidly over the last 10 weeks and now takes over production of hormones previously produced from the corpus luteum and will be fully functional by 12 to 13 weeks.

The placenta is an amazing organ. It protects your baby from most infections and toxins. And is a sophisticated filtering system that helps your little fetus grow, breathe, and eat as it provides nourishment from the increasing volumes of blood from the mother.

Even though maternal and fetal blood are very close to each other, the blood circulations remain separate and never mix. They are separated by a thin membrane called the chorion. The mother's blood pumps into the intervillous space and flushes over the fetal chorionic villi which contain placental blood vessels. At the same time de-oxygenated blood and waste returns to the mother to be re-oxygenated and wastes eliminated through the mothers system.

The working placenta takes up much energy. And is another reason for fatigue during pregnancy. It's hard at work nourishing and protecting your baby until birth.

If you are not eating nutrient rich meals, it's definitely time to start. HCG is the hormone that ensures that your baby is getting all the nutrients from you that it can get. If you are not, for example, eating enough calcium, hCG will make sure your baby gets it from your body one way or another. Calcium will be taken from your bones and teeth to ensure your growing fetus has enough calcium to grow properly.

So, eating a well balanced diet can ensure your health as well as your baby's. When your stores of nutrients run out, your health will be compromised and so will the baby's. Not to mention, eating healthy will keep you energized and moods high and stress levels lower.

During week 11, you may or may not be able to feel your uterus at the top of your pelvic bone at this time, but surely by the end of the 12th or 13 week. You may or may not be showing a slight bulge in your mid section. It's still likely due to excess fat stores, excess blood volume, and bowel distention from a slowed digestive system rather from the size of the uterus.

Your breasts may still be growing in size, also, from excess fat layers due to pregnancy hormones and milk ducts growing and maturing. Your breasts may still be sore and tender or tingly. Your nipples are getting darker and bigger as is the areolas. And, you probably see blueish veins just under the skin.  Likely you'll see these blueish veins over your abdomen, also. How about your thighs and shins? Do you see them there also? Many do, but not all.

Are you still having trouble with nausea and/or vomiting at 11 weeks pregnant? Good news is that it lets up here in the next couple of weeks for most women as the second trimester brings new found energy and more stable moods. Believe me, the worst part is almost over and you can start to feel that pregnancy glow everyone has talked about.

What can you do at 11 weeks pregnant

During pregnancy week 11, your waistline may be expanding, and many of you will be wondering about the safety of seat-belts during travel. Studies show that the biggest danger to a fetus in an auto accident is the injuries to the mother. To minimize your injuries, it is best to wear a seat-belt. Statistics show the the risk to the fetus when you wear a seat-belt is minimal at worst and none at best.

The proper way to wear a seat-belt when pregnant is to make sure the lower belt is as low as possible (under your belly/across your thighs). The shoulder belt should be between your breasts and beside your belly. Your baby is well cushioned by the amniotic fluid from the pressure of the belt in a sudden stop.

If you haven't already, now is a good time to invest in a good maternity bra. Your breasts are bigger, and for some, may be very uncomfortable and even painful. Your breasts enlarge most during the first trimester and usually will not increase in size throughout the second and third trimester. So this makes the 11th week of pregnancy a great time to get fitted for several pregnancy bras.

A pregnancy bra has good support all the way around including the sides, under the arms, and back. Maternity bras help keep your breasts from sagging which will help with problems such as backache.

Bras with under-wires are not good. The wires can dig into your breasts and cause damage to to milk ducts and decrease circulation.

Fetal Development at 11 weeks pregnant
Fetal age: 9 weeks

By the end of this week, your baby will be about 2½ inches (6cm) long and weigh about 0.3 ounce (3g).

Her bones are hardening this week. The arms are longer than her legs and fingernails are present.  The head moves further from her chest making her body look more straight than curled up.

And she is developing muscles.  Although she will begin to move around in the amniotic fluid, you still cannot feel those movements. Her backbone is still soft and flexible and her skin is still thin and transparent.

Your are now 11 weeks pregnant. Only 29 weeks to go!!

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