5 Weeks Pregnant
Pregnancy Week 5 & Stage of Fetal Development

This is the beginning of pregnancy week 5. At the end of this week, you will be 5 weeks pregnant (see pregnancy chart). You've likely just found out you are pregnant. Congratulations!!

Now the fun begins as you are heading into your 2nd month of pregnancy. The worry and anxiety of whether or not you are going to have a baby is over. And you can begin to really plan the rest of your pregnancy.

At 5 weeks pregnant, you're likely to have a range of emotions at this stage. Thrilled that you finally did it if you've been trying for a while. Fretting over all the little details to make sure you are doing all you can to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. And even overwhelmed at the knowledge that you are carrying another new life inside of you and what having a baby will mean to you and your life.

The rise of several hormones in week 5 may make you teary one minute and ecstatic the next. It's all perfectly normal and is to be expected.

You may already be thinking about what to name your little bundle, or about how to decorate the nursery, or looking and picking out adorable little outfits. And, oh my, all the things your baby will need like a car seat, stroller, bottles, blankets, clothes, diapers and so on, and so on.

It might be helpful to make a list. Although you still have plenty of time to get everything you need, there is no rush to go out and buy everything you need right now. Besides, a baby shower generally will provide you with many items from friends and family.

What is happening at 5 weeks pregnant

During pregnancy week 5, hormones are on the rise including progesterone, estrogen, and hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin). All in support of your pregnancy and the new little one.

The corpus luteum (the empty follicle that your egg came from) is still producing most of the hormones until the placenta is fully developed and takes over production at about the 10th week of pregnancy.

Your baby is growing fast in the 5th week of pregnancy and will be forming all of it's vital organs, including the brain, over the next couple of weeks and is very susceptible to damage by the things you put in your body. So this is the time to give up any bad habits you haven't given up yet. Like smoking, drinking, tanning beds, hot tubs, etc. Pay attention to household chemicals and such. Talk to your doctor about any prescription medications you may be taking.

Your little embryo is still so small that you will not be 'showing' yet. But is big enough to put some pressure on your bladder causing more frequent bathroom trips, even at night.

And the fatigue. If you're like me, you're nodding off at the most inappropriate times. All you want to do is curl up and take a nap --all day long!

What you can do at 5 weeks pregnant

One of the first things you should do during pregnancy week 5 is plan your prenatal care. Make an appointment as soon as find out you are pregnant. Proper prenatal care is very important to the health of you and your baby.

Now may be a good time to start thinking about the type of care you want. Will you go to your OB/GYN or see a midwife for your prenatal care?

How about the type of delivery and birth you prefer? Do you prefer to have your little one in a hospital setting? Or a more relaxed at-home type of setting. I had my previous delivery at a birthing center and had a water birth. I loved it. Just some things to think about.

If you haven't already, starting a journal or baby book is a great idea. This way you can keep track of important milestones of your pregnancy.

I can't stress enough how important proper nutrition is to a healthy pregnancy and baby. Drop the colas, coffee, cakes, processed foods. Start eating lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. It's also a good idea to supplement your diet to fill any gaps. So start taking prenatal vitamins. I prefer to take whole food prenatal supplements. They are full of whole foods that provide vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients vital for pregnancy support (like enzymes) that are not found in synthetic prenatal vitamins.

And remember, you are NOT eating for two. That is a crazy old myth. You will need to increase your calorie intake a bit but that can be done just by eating a few more pieces of fruit or vegetables a day. Just one or two more helpings a day should do it.

But don't go hungry while pregnant. Fill up on all the healthy foods you need to in order to feel full. Eating healthy foods will help you to get the nutrition you need and help to keep weight gain in check. Because fruits, vegetables, and grains have fewer calories than packaged and processed foods, it's safe to eat as much as you want and still stay at a healthy weight gain throughout your pregnancy.

Don't forget to drink lots of water. Your body needs the extra hydration as blood volume increases throughout your pregnancy.

Fetal Development at 5 weeks pregnant
Fetal age: 3 weeks

By the end of this week, your developing baby will be about 0.05 inches (1.25mm) long.

At this stage of development, your baby is still an embryo. It will not be termed a fetus until the beginning of the 11th week of pregnancy (9th week from conception). In week five, organ formation begins and all organs will be present by the end of 8 weeks at least in their primitive form.

In the 5th week, your baby is floating in amniotic fluid which is surrounded by an outer protective sac called the chorion. The chorion will become the placenta. A group of cells that will later become the heart has begun to develop. Also the brain, spinal cord, muscle, and bone are developing.

You are now 5 weeks pregnant. Your little one will soon look more like a human and less like a shrimp. Happy and healthy 9 months!! Err, 8 months!!

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